A Look at Miracle Fruit

Taking a Close Look at Miracle Fruit

Have you heard of a fruit that’s part of the “miracle” category? If you have, there are other ways to refer to it, too. People sometimes call it fruta milagrosa, fruit miracle, miraculous berry and miraculin. Those are just a couple examples of names for it, too. Quite a few others are floating around out there. The fruit is a type of West African evergreen shrub. The plant’s berry has quite a few medicinal applications as well. What can this plant do for humans, anyway? People sometimes use it in order to manage a medical condition by the name of diabetes. Beyond that, it may be able to take charge of taste interruptions that are the result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

It isn’t unheard of to spot this fruit on the shelves at grocery stores. It is a sweetener that’s devoid of any sugar. It doesn’t have many calories at all, either. It consists of a specific chemical that influences the tongue’s taste receptors. It encourages the tongue to label tastes that are tart as being sweet ones. This specific chemical is free of any flavoring at all.

Possible Health Advantages

It can help to learn about any and all possible wellness advantages that are linked to this type of fruit. It may be able to assist individuals who wish to shed excess pounds. If you’re interested in losing weight, then it may be able to help you do so. Since it may be able to help people win the Battle of the Bulge, it may be able to help safeguard them from the emergence of medical conditions such as heart disease.

This fruit has the potential to do a lot for human well-being. People who make it a part of their regular diets may be able to get on the track to looking and feeling like a million dollars. Chowing down on fruits can open people up to an abundance of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and fruits galore. These things can do a lot for folks who want to keep all kinds of sicknesses and medical issues at bay.

There are a wealth of medications out there that are known to have tastes that are less than ideal. Medication tastes in many cases are actually pretty awful. The positive news is that this fruit may be able to transform them for palatability.

Charleston Miracle

Charleston Miracle raises funds for the campaign for the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital that is being built in downtown Charleston.

Our signature event, CougarThon, took place on Saturday, March 10, 2018, where we revealed our 2018 fundraising total of $115,678.54. 

As members of Charleston Miracle, we understand that not all kids get to experience the same childhood because they are so consumed with doctor appointments and surgeries. 

This is why we can #imaginewhatspossible with the new benefits of Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. Childhood is important and why we think it is so important to imagine the best.