for the kids

Charleston Miracle would like to thank every one of our Miracle Makers for contributing to this final number that we were able to reveal. $142,804.19 will be donated directly to the campaign for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, and we could not have done that without every single person involved along the way. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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Charleston Miracle raises funds for the campaign for the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital that is being built in downtown Charleston.

Our signature event, CougarThon, took place on Saturday, March 10, 2018, where we revealed our 2018 fundraising total of $115,678.54.

As members of Charleston Miracle, we understand that not all kids get to experience the same childhood because they are so consumed with doctor appointments and surgeries.

This is why we can #imaginewhatspossible with the new benefits of Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital. Childhood is important and why we think it is so important to imagine the best.


Last year the College of Charleston experienced a great loss after Alex Guerrero passed away after a three year battle with osteosarcoma. In the spring of Alex’s senior year of high school he had intentions of coming to the College of Charleston to start his freshman year in the Fall of 2015. Unfortunately, after prolonged pain in his knee, and a visit to the doctor, he learned of his diagnosis with osteosarcoma. Throughout the remainder of the spring and summer, Alex fought through chemotherapy and knee replacement so that he could attend the College the following spring. Alex was in remission and on campus at the College for 11 months before his cancer returned. The osteosarcoma had returned and was stronger this time resulting in Alex having to amputate his right leg from the thigh down and again was in remission. Alex met the love of his life, Morgan, over the summer of 2017 at Camp Happy Days, and they became inseparable. In December of 2017, Alex received the news that his cancer had returned, and on February 8, 2018, he was told he only had a few weeks left to live. Upon hearing this news, Alex knew he wanted to marry Morgan, and they were married on February 13, 2018. Three days later, Alex passed on February 16, 2018. Though gone, Alex's legacy lives on in many ways. His story and pride spreads across College of Charleston's campus, and his love and joy lives within his friends, family, and wife. But most of all, his legacy has been shared with you. On February 19-20th, Charleston Miracle committed to raising $20K in a Day in honor of Alex’s 20 years of life. We were able to surpass our goal, revealing a total of $20,826.16.

If you would like to continue to donate in honor of Alex’s legacy, you can do so at tinyurl.com/FightingForAlex20.

We are and forever will be #FightingForAlex.